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64% of consumers use Google to find contact details of local businesses!

Consumers need local shops to buy products from

94% of calls to local businesses come from Google on weekdays

Consumers need direct contact with local shops

An average business is discovered in over 1,000 Google searches per month

Consumers need to be converted to store sales

Leverage HopTo for Engaging Shopping Experiences

Just plug your shop in and connect locally

Let AI recommend your products locally Get equipped with great technology Be at the fingertips of local shoppers Be quickly and locally found on Google Maps Offer Same Day Delivery Connect local shoppers to your website


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Ever thought of quickly purchasing from a shop or business down the street?

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Local retail only has to register and put up products to let everyone know you exist locally

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Local Product Recommendation according to your taste! Shop Local from your couch Search for products locally Google can help you find anything Locally! Find new favorite shops locally Communicate Directly with local shops!
The technology and strategies HopTo utilizes to meet customer needs is cutting edge and consumer facing. Brandon DuncanOwner Creative Director of Regent Web Design

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Notify local residents they can have delivery from you


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Residents within a 5-mile radius are looking for your products. They just don’t know how to easily locate, shop and buy from you

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