HopTo is committed to offering flexible work opportunities across North America, enabling individuals to work independently, earn meaningful income, and explore their communities. As a HopTo driver (“Driver”), your interactions with retailers and consumers are vital to the platform’s success.

Occasionally, a Driver may engage in activities that harm the platform, leading to account
deactivation. To promote transparency, we have outlined our deactivation policy and processes
below. For additional questions about HopTo, please visit www.gethopto.com/help/.

1. Driver Ratings on HopTo

1.1 Background: Customers and retailers rate each transaction on a scale of one to five stars. High-quality deliveries lead to better ratings, which contribute to the platform’s success.
1.2 Impact: Each market has a rating threshold Drivers must maintain. You are responsible for monitoring your rating, but we may inform you if it approaches the threshold. If your rating falls below the threshold, your account may be deactivated.

2. Accepting and Canceling Orders

2.1 Background: The Acceptance Rate, Completion Rate, and Responsibility Rate are calculated based on the percentage of accepted, completed, and promptly acknowledged deliveries, respectively.
2.2 Impact: While you may decline deliveries, an extremely low Acceptance Rate may indicate fraud and result in account deactivation. You must maintain a threshold Completion Rate and Responsibility Rate. Failure to meet these thresholds may result in account deactivation.

3. Ensuring Platform Safety and Security

3.1 Engaging in unsafe or inappropriate behavior, such as violence, harassment, or discrimination, will result in immediate account deactivation.
3.2 Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unsafe driving, and failure to comply with the law will also result in account deactivation
3.3 Failing to pass a background check, maintain a current car insurance policy, or provide accurate information will lead to account deactivation.

4. Preventing Platform Abuse and Fraud

4.1 Abusing the platform, manipulating referral systems or promotions, providing fraudulent information, tampering with deliveries, or engaging in any dishonest behavior will result in account deactivation. Examples of abuse and fraud include, but are not limited to
4.1.1 Manipulating the referrals system or promotions: Gaming or exploiting the consumer referral program, the Driver referral program, or other types of programs to gain undue benefits or incentives.
4.1.2 Providing information that is fraudulent or inaccurate: Misrepresenting information during signup, giving false information to the support team during deliveries, creating multiple accounts for the same individual, or failing to accurately identify the mode of transportation being used to perform deliveries.
4.1.3 Tampering with deliveries: Opening, using, consuming, or tampering with a delivery or customer order, either intentionally or negligently, in a way that compromises the order’s integrity or the customer’s satisfaction
4.1.4 Unauthorized use of platform data: Misusing, sharing, or exploiting any information or data obtained through your engagement with retailers, customers, or HopTo for purposes not explicitly instructed or authorized by HopTo, including sensitive personal or financial data.
4.2 In addition to the examples above, any other activity deemed dishonest, fraudulent, or damaging to the platform, its users, or its partners may result in account deactivation at HopTo’s discretion. We continuously monitor and review platform activity to ensure a fair and secure environment for all parties involved.
4.3 If you suspect fraudulent activity or platform abuse by other Drivers, retailers, or customers, please report it immediately to HopTo’s support team through the appropriate channels. Your cooperation helps maintain a secure and trustworthy platform for everyone.

5. Appeals Process and Account Reinstatement

5.1 Drivers who have their accounts deactivated under the Deactivation Policy can appeal the decision by following the appeals process outlined below. This process applies to deactivations resulting from violations of the Independent Contractor Agreement or Deactivation Policy, such as abuse, fraud, or compromising platform safety. This process does not apply to deactivations based on objective metrics, such as minimum Customer Rating, Completion Rate, or Responsibility Rate thresholds.
5.2 Appeal Procedure:
5.2.1 To initiate the appeals process, Drivers must complete the Deactivation Appeals Form provided by HopTo. The form will require Drivers to provide necessary personal information, account details, and a comprehensive explanation of the reason they believe the deactivation was unjustified.
5.2.2 Once the Deactivation Appeals Form is submitted, the Driver’s case will be reviewed by a dedicated HopTo Appeals Team. The team will carefully assess the provided information, any supporting documentation, and any relevant data from the Driver’s account to determine if the deactivation was justified.
5.2.3 During the review process, the HopTo Appeals Team may request additional information or clarification from the Driver to make an informed decision. Drivers are encouraged to cooperate and provide all requested information in a timely manner to ensure a smooth and efficient appeals process.
5.2.4 Upon completing the review, the HopTo Appeals Team will inform the Driver of their decision via email through Ask@gethopto.com. If the appeal is successful, the Driver’s account will be reinstated, and they will be able to resume using the HopTo platform. If the appeal is denied, the account deactivation will remain in effect, and the Driver may be permanently barred from using the HopTo platform.
5.3 HopTo is committed to providing a fair and transparent appeals process for Drivers. We understand that mistakes and misunderstandings can occur, and we strive to ensure that all Drivers are treated equitably and given the opportunity to present their case for account reinstatement.


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